Nutrition & Lab Analysis

Everyday we are faced with choices in what we refer to as the Six Essentials for Life: what we EAT, what we DRINK, how we EXERCISE, how we REST, what we BREATHE, and what we THINK. The food we eat can either be the safest most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. The modern American diet is generally not conducive to "good health". Change is difficult and changing one's diet can be one of the most difficult tasks we face, especially with all of the misinformation and fads that seem to be out there. At InTouch Health we offer nutritional counseling to better assist our patients' return to optimal health. We will address daily food intake, activity level, and environment. 


Every individual is biochemically unique; therefore, understanding your unique biochemical makeup is beneficial in determining whether or not your body is functioning optimally.  At InTouch Health we utilize Nutrigenomics DNA testing as well as saliva and blood lab panels to develop an overall assessment of your entire body, including organ function, hormone balance, food sensitivities, intestinal permeability, functional immunology, and to screen for autoimmune conditions. The results help monitor progress by providing an individual baseline for your care plan. Results from these tests can be helpful especially when you feel your body isn't functioning properly or responding to various forms of health care.