Supported Pregnancies

 "At 38 weeks pregnant, I am incredibly appreciative of the relief I am finding from Dr. Lauren. I was having constant back and hip pain and just assumed I had to live with it. But my provider recommended I go get an adjustment and I'm so glad I listened! I've never been to a chiropractor before and it was a much more relaxing and gentle experience than I expected. Even though my body is still rapidly changing and growing every week, my pain is seriously reduced and I am so much more comfortable than before. I'm sleeping better and my body feels so much lighter. I plan to continue going and I highly recommend visiting InTouch!"  - Jaclyn J.

Connected Kids

 "I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lauren! She listened and asked questions for the gentle care of my little guy. I was so grateful at the improvement [of torticollis] we saw in the first visit." - Alyssa S.

"Thank you thank you to Dr. Lauren... she has truly been a God send for our son and our family. When our son (1.5yr) wasn't walking or even crawling (he was born with his legs behind his head) I had a friend tell me to look into taking him to a chiropractor. Being a little skeptical I did some research on chiropractic therapy in general and especially pediatric and after my husband went to see Dr. Lauren himself we decided that maybe this was a good fit. She was fantastic!! Our son is not only walking he's running. She is so gentle and I trust her 100%. We won’t take him to anyone else. Dr. Lauren cares about her patients and their well being. If you're looking for a chiropractor for your child, do your research and then take them to the best pediatric chiropractor there is, a Doctor, and a mother, Dr. Lauren Newton Morter D.C" - Kara H. 

Empowered Families

"Both Dr. Russ and Dr. Lauren are outstanding. At InTouch Health you get more attention than at your normal chiropractic office. They work with you one on one and really focus in on your problem while also paying attention to the whole person. They’re both very sharp but also just nice, sweet people. They’re both great with children too! If you’re looking for a great place to get wellness care for you and your entire family, this is the place for you. They’ve got some really attractive membership or wellness plan options that will save you a ton of cash for ongoing care. On top of that, they’re very knowledgeable about nutrition and offer some of the best supplements on the market at affordable prices." - Jason P.

 "Great experience! I was very nervous to see a chiropractor but I was quickly made to feel comfortable (with Dr. Russ). My back and neck pain is improving greatly and each experience in the clinic has been wonderful." – Cindy D.  


"I have had issues with my shoulder for as long as I can remember. Every chiro I’ve been to could only provide temporary relief (about a week). Dr Lauren was recommended to me. I left my first appointment with her pain free and have never had the shoulder pain since. I recommend her to all my friends, family, and patients." - Kelsey G. 

"The atmosphere was comfortable, Dr. Russ was very personable and thoroughly explained what he was doing, why, and how it worked as he went which is very comforting as someone who had never seen a chiropractor and had no idea what to expect. The prices were really affordable compared to a lot of estimates I've gotten, and the service was amazing. I would definitely recommend the practice to anyone looking for a more natural way to deal with discomfort and pain." - Willow S.

 "Dr. Lauren was so very welcoming and friendly. First impression was fantastic, and the appointment was extremely helpful for my back and shoulder issues. I am so thankful that she and her husband have this phenomenal practice right in downtown Rogers!" - Kareena H.